British Polygraph Society on ethical integrity

Welcome to the British Polygraph Society site! The British Polygraph Society is an expert, independent Society dedicated to ensuring the ethical integrity of Polygraph Testing as well as Science. Our organization is very much interested in trained, qualified, and certified polygraph examiners, those who allied with the fraud detection industry and private individuals. Each of our members is committed to delivering a valid and precise means. It is so, to verify the truth and found the highest standards of professional, ethical, and moral conduct in the polygraph field. BPS is the only organization that gives approved advanced training making sure they are the best in the area.

Our website is to provide the latest information regarding polygraph science and its practice and the general public. Our service is accessible to everyone who has an interest in the industry, either for personal or professional purposes. They are devoted to establishing and continuing the optimum standards of ethical and professional behavior we set high for membership. With integrity comes uprightness, and the BPS enjoys a favorable reputation within the british polygraph association sphere for many other qualities.

All the members of the BPS must adhere to our firm Code of Ethics and the high Standards of Practice. The ethical, morality, confidentiality, and professional manner of our members aren’t negotiable. Professionals who join our Society get assistance in following our Code of Conduct and are devoted to the integrity of truth in everything they do.

The BPS vigorously encourages members to enhance their skills through continuous study, research, training, and cooperation with professionals. We checked these aspects of enhancement, including internship every year, to enable members to continue their membership in our Society. Committed to the specialized detection of deception, the BPS protects the interest of the public in the UK through education, research, discipline, and ongoing training. It includes our member examiners finishing coursework spending many hours at a recognized accredited training facility.

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