Kim Dao’s wedding- a Harry Potter-themed wedding

Kim Dao, a You Tuber, had shared a charming and adorable message on her vlog, where she expresses her happiness and lovely experience at her wedding. Kim Dao had a delightful and dreamy wedding party with her husband Eric in January 2020 with Harry Potter themed. Kim Dao met her husband Eric when she joined the Japanese Society, and that is where she met her husband Eric, and ended up in marriage with him.

Before the wedding, Kim Dao and her husband Eric were in relation for nearly nine and a half years, and they were living in Sidney, Australia. Early from her childhood Kim Dao was a massive fan of Harry Potter, and to her surprise, she got a proposal at the exact location of Harry Potter. Kim Dao received a marriage proposal from her husband Eric in front of the Replica of Hogwarts castle at Universal Studios Japan.

And it was one of her favorite places in the world, which makes Kim Dao experience one of the most beautiful feelings and happiness in her life. Kim Dao and her husband Eric decided to create and plan their wedding to organize in quite a different type from just being healthy but fancy and unique. So they decided to organize their wedding as mixed types with a magical touch and more of traditional elements which makes it a total superb and beautiful wedding. Kim Dao had arranged every little thing about her marriage with unique and creative ideas and components, which can see in her wedding invitation to the reception.

Kim Dao uses their invitation card to look more like the Marauder’s map giving it some magical feeling and adventure. And the couple applied designs with Photoshop on her unique style and features, which provide a completely unusual and fantastic touch Kim Dao and her husband Eric got married in Perth, Australia, with a Western-style wedding and a little bit of Harry Potter themed.

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