Sales assessment – does it work when hiring salespeople

Sales assessment is the ability to gauge the potential of a sales candidate for a specific job before they are hired. One of the most common questions we get is “do assessments work when hiring salespeople?” Hiring salespeople is not an easy task and everyone is looking for a better way to make the right hiring decisions. It seems that every day a new sales assessment tools enters the marketplace with great claims as to its ability to assist sales teams in assessing the potential of candidates you are thinking of hiring.

There are a few ways to find out if the assessment product you are reviewing will work and assist your team in making quality hires within your sales department. However, the best and most practical way is to simply ask the vendor the success ratio or validity of their Sales Assessments In most cases, a sales assessment tool will be part of an overall hiring process. Hiring teams may want to provide a specific weight to the assessment being used along with other tools or interviews being conducted.

The best results from a new hire often come from the use of a sales assessment. The image that you and your hiring team are about to embark on a hiring program for two key players on your management team. The rules in these two hires are a little different. You and your team can only select candidates who have either knowledge or skills, or core values and motivation, and not both. The answers will vary depending on the requirements however most readers will pick core values and motivation, which, in most cases, is the right response. However, in the real world, most organizations will lean towards the knowledge or skills side when selecting candidates.

The real issue becomes when the team wants to widen the hiring net to get a better sales assessment for job candidates who may not have the knowledge and skills but have the core values and motivation. One of the real issues is that the hiring team typically is not equipped with the right tools to assess all candidates. Because of this, the candidates who are selected for future sales assessment or interviews are the ones who have strong knowledge or skills resumes.

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